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Your Ticket to 🪦 Rest in Peace 🪦

An intentional evening & supportive container for deep rest & live gentle soundscapes w/ Tash Francesca (TO) & special musical guests Riley Hill & Tiana Carolina.

📅: Saturday, Jan 14
⏰: 7-9:30pm (doors open until 11pm for reflection & community dialogue)
📍: Exchange District, Winnipeg, MB (exact location given day of)

Your ticket price includes: 

☁️   your choice of dosed or un-dosed herbal tea blend from Rosewood & Silver
☁️  a yoga mat, block, bolster, and thick cotton blanket for ultimate resting potential
☁️  120 mins combined soft yogic prānāyām (breathwork), gentle movement, restorative practice & meditation from a highly skilled practitioner & educator who, too, believes that rest is best
☁️  a live ambient sound bath & immersive experience
☁️  ample opportunity for dialogue, reflection & integration in community afterwards

TASH FRANCESCA is a a half ilocano, half bicolano settler in treaty 13 territory (Toronto, Ontario). As a yoga educator + pilates teacher, she uses sound, somatics, movement + silence to push the boundaries of what we perceive to be real as a way to peel back the layers and truly arrive at what is: your inherent fullness. The main tools in her toolbox include: prānāyam, meditation, asana, yoga nidrā, and trauma-aware practices through the lens of decolonization.

notes to note:

〰️ there is one flight of stairs from sidewalk to venue & washrooms
〰️ bring your comfiest tools, such as an extra blanket or eye mask, or simply show up as you are
〰️ no narcs, chillers only


This event will be offered on a sliding scale basis. Please select whichever rate feels most fair and accessible to you.

Paying $33 allows for us to organize these kinds of events without an undue amount of financial strain on our small business. Please select this rate if you frequently stress about meeting basic needs, and are not always able to achieve them. There is nothing wrong with selecting the lowest tier, and we appreciate any and every contribution.

Paying $44 (almost) allows us to break even on this event, covering the pay for our practitioner and our musicians, as well as renting lighting and speakers. Please consider this rate if you are employed, own or lease a car, have some expendable income, and are able to regularly meet basic needs.

Paying $55 contributes to our investment into our space including the purchasing of mats, bolsters, blankets & props, as well as monthly rent, expenses & the payment of a living wage to all employees. When you invest in us, we are better able to invest our time and space into community. Please consider this rate if you are financially stable and comfortably able to meet all basic needs and then some, and are willing & able to invest in your community.



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