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Superbloom Herbal Tea Blend

Rosewood & Silver

A high vibrational tea blend from resident holistic herbalist, Melanie Hill of Rosewood & Silver. A bouquet in a cup, Superbloom combines many flowering herbs and minty allies to create a refreshing, joyous sipper. Reminiscent of laying in the sun, toes in the dirt, head in the flowers, and listening to the bees and the breeze. Equally enjoyed hot or cold.

Ingredients: Rose, Lavender, Chamomile, Calendula. Spearmint + Tulsi

All ingredients are certified organic and/or locally grown, some from Mel’s own organic garden, and each ingredient is handled with care, sustainably and ethically harvested.

〰️ This is NOT a dosed product, though it would make a wonderful accompaniment to your microdosing ritual, or add your own psychedelic medicine and steep for twenty minutes to choose your own adventure.



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