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Maria Sabina Soft Cotton Tee

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María Sabina Magdalena García was a poet, a keeper of knowledge & ritual, and a healer. Oft-referred to as the 🍄 high priestess of mushrooms 🍄 in her hometown of Huetla de Jimenéz, where she shared her vision & skill in working with these sacred medicines and those in need.

Eventually, her identity was revealed by an American who had begged to attend one of her ceremonies and then wrote about it — without her consent — in Life Magazine. She and her town were besieged with tourists from the west. The story is long, and tragic, and what happened to her has contributed greatly to the globalization and colonization of sacred entheogenic medicines.

In her name, we make a monthly donation to RAVEN, who tirelessly raise legal defence funds to assist Indigenous Peoples working to protect their traditional territories across Turtle Island.


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