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Gut Feeling Herbal Tea Blend

Rosewood & Silver

A goodie for your guts from resident holistic herbalist Melanie Hill of Rosewood & Silver. Great for post-meal bloat and discomfort, and for those times when our tummies are feeling a bit… off. Gut Feeling combines herbs to soothe the digestive tract, stimulate the good juices, and calm  inflammation.

Ingredients: Rose, Lavender, Chamomile, Calendula. Spearmint + Tulsi

All ingredients are certified organic and/or locally grown, some from Mel’s own organic garden, and each ingredient is handled with care, sustainably and ethically harvested.

〰️ This is NOT a dosed product, though it would make a wonderful accompaniment to your microdosing ritual, especially for those with sensitivities to mushrooms. Add your own psychedelic medicine and steep for twenty minutes to let your freak flag fly with ease.


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